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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Walking with GOD while walking through darkness!

Isaiah 50:10 Who is among you that fears the LORD, who obeys the voice of his Servant, yet who walks in darkness and deep trouble and has no shining splendor? Let him rely on and trust in and be confident in the name of the LORD and let him lean upon and be supported by his GOD. Amplified Bible

Hello fellow rescuers and bloggers!

We are addressing a subject here that we have recently experienced. Walking in darkness, something we are struggling to  understand. No, I am not talking about being lost, that walking in darkness refers to those still living in the kingdom of darkness and have never known the LORD.  GOD has indeed translated me out of the kingdom of darkness led by Satan and his demons and into His glorious kingdom of light.

I remember the exact day that happened, March 13, 1997. A glorious GOD and a glorious day! For the next 18 months, He was my every thought. Before I even became fully conscious in the morning, His name was on my lips and the thought of Him was with me all day long. I read my Bible and prayed without stopping. The words jumped off the page. He revealed secrets to me and answered questions that had always troubled me my entire life. The words I heard came from His WORD, the Bible. But there was that sweet feeling of His Presence with me constantly. Like a little babe that needs a mom's breast milk., I was feeding on the WORD.

Then one morning, January 7th, 1999, I woke up, and it was different. I was thinking about something else, and I was not conscious of His felt Presence. Emotionally, I was not ready for this event. I became very depressed. Where was He? Did I do something wrong? I fully understood that when I got saved it was forever, but now, I didn't understand the implications of the loss. It was so simple to live with Him always telling me what to do and speaking to me and comforting me. Now there was just a stillness and silence.

I was devastated. I went to see a counselor. She handed me the devotional book Streams in the Desert and Rivers in the Valleys by EB Cowman. I have never stopped reading this book. Morning and evening. But still, it was very quiet and I didn't know what was going on. HELP LORD, what do I do now?

I was led back to my Bible and read the verse above. Who is walking in darkness? But loves the LORD and knows HIM? The person that fears GOD. That person must continue to worship and trust and lean on GOD in the quiet times. The desert times. The times when everything seems like it will never change.

Maybe you are going through a  divorce. Or have lost your job and cannot find another one. Or the circumstances in your life are devastating and there is no way you can live like this! But GOD does not take you out of your circumstances. Instead, He shows you  more of Himself. This is when we must learn to lean. Keep walking, and keep moving forward in the light of His WORD. Don't give up and don't give in to depression or any earthly feelings. He's is there, just understand that and move on.  we have an animal rescue and we also have a transport. The transport is DOGSHIP Transport. Why did we call it DOGSHIP? It seems like such a simple name. D.O.G., Depend on GOD. Very simple. We depend on GOD for the way to go, the passengers, the income to keep it running, the drivers, the safe passage. Everything associated with the transport is a GOD thing. No, we don't try to work it up ourselves, it would be useless to do that. We must wait on GOD to make it work and make it work the way He wants it to work. If you see the drivers, they will be smiling. Why? they have also learned to Depend on GOD. Pain and suffering is what makes the Christian mellow and able to help others. That is what we want to do. We want to help animals and we want to help people too!

Learning to lean on GOD and walk in darkness until we come through on the other side. Stronger, better, more humble, loving others and not ourselves as much as before. It's a process! We are getting there!

And we are getting to your place! Our next trip is September 22 and 23rd. From Atlanta, GA area to the northeast. Destinations to be determined by our GOD according to His gracious plan for us.

Please check out the web site, and see if there is a dog that you can help! We have Petey and Jackson, two boxer/pit bull puppies needing a rescue. Also Sadie, Bear and Elijah need rescue. And I will be adding 7 lab retreiver puppies in the next couple of days. Their mom was run over and killed and they need a place to go, other than the pound! And there is also a husky mom with 4 little 2 week old pups. Her person died a month ago and the neighbors are feeding her, but they don't want to keep them. No one is helping her, she is just under his house! DEAR GOD!!!!!!

Please help us help some of these animals. Log onto the homepage and donate to sponsor one of  these needy animals to get to their rescue. They have no one right now, so you are their only hope!

Trusting GOD that you will share your money with them and that GOD will richly bless you in the ministering to them!

Call me if you want to talk about walking in darkness, I am willing and able to share with you my experience and the place where He has brought me. It's a blessing to be able to help and comfort others. 423-340-2138! YOU ARE NEVER ALONE IN YOUR WALK!

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